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Tired of removing your motor and gas tank every time you use your inflatable boat? You'll now be able to do this safely with the Trick Davit System. It can be done in seconds, AND it's affordable!

For years our 56 inch removeable cradles, with rollers, have insured the easiest to load roll on system available. The Trick Davit Cradle is the only roll on system that begins the load at 45 degrees, not 90. NOW, A recent breakthrough is destined to revolutionize the industry. Our new adjustable cradles will adjust and lock into the exact deadrise of any dinghy, 0 to 40 degrees. We are the only davit manufacturer to make this claim. Once loaded our new cradle system will provide more support for your dinghy than any other. Patent Pending.
Prices include: mounting brackets, adjustable cradles, stainless mounting hardware, and tie down straps.
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Frequently asked questions about our davit system

What makes the "Trick Davit" system the finest on the market?

The Trick Davit System has been tested in waters all over the world for the past 15 years. It has been continually refined to make it the most dependable, easiest to use roll-on davit system available.

What is the weight capacity of the Trick Davit System?

A conservative weight capacity is 400 pounds. If your dinghy weighs more we will add a third bracket/cradle to support the extra weight.

What materials are used to make the Trick Davit?

Brackets and cradles are constructed of non marking industrial strength Marine Grade Polyethylene and assembled with 316 grade stainless steel hardware.

Are there different models

Recent developments have made the Trick Davit System available for almost every boat. Our new adjustable cradles and 14 inch extensions make the Trick Davit System the most versatile, dependable system on the market! Securing your inflatable after loading varies with each boat. One ratchet and two cam buckle straps are the norm. A ratchet strap is recommended to secure the stern. One cam buckle holds the bow in place and the other prevents the secured inflatable from tilting back.

What are the advantages of a Trick Davit System?
  1. In the event of an emergency your inflatable can be launched and underway in less than 30 seconds.
  2. 6 large Polyethylene Rollers allow for easy loading/unloading. Approximately 50 pounds of force is needed to load a 10 foot dinghy, 15 horsepower motor, and 5 gallons of gas. (Similar systems are demonstrated without gas tanks and with smaller, or no, outboards.)
  3. The Trick Davit System provides support for the entire beam. Longer cradles also allow for easier loading. The roll-on starts closer to the water.
  4. In some cases you can upgrade from older davit systems without having to drill additional holes.
  5. Cradles can be removed and stored in less than a minute.
  6. The tender's cover can still be used.
  7. No more removing your outboard or gas tank each time your inflatable is needed.
  8. No more storing flammable materials inside your boat.
  9. No more back strain from removing your outboard each time your inflatable is needed.
  10. No more fear of dropping your outboard in the water.
  11. No more having to pump out bilge water, simply pull the plug.
  12. No more scum line because it's more convenient to leave your inflatable in the water.
What is your refund policy?

We are more than happy to issue a refund under the following conditions:

  1. Within 30 days of date of purchase.
  2. Item is undamaged.

Please note that we charge a 20% restocking fee on all returns. We guarantee our product is free from manufacturing defects and are always willing to discuss refund or replacement of broken parts due to manufacturing defects. Our guarantee does not cover misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear. We always carry replacement parts at reasonable prices.

How do I order the Trick Davit System?

You can contact Jim Trethewey, owner and developer, at (906) 458-9835 (8am-5pm EST). You can also order by filling out the form below. Trick Davit Systems, Jim Trethewey, Punta Gorda, FL Patent pending.

For detailed ordering and pricing information, or for more information about our fully-adjustable davit system, please click on the contact button